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The Coolest Products From the 2017 JPMA Baby Show

Last week, hundreds of companies that make baby and kids gear descended on the Anaheim Convention Center for the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) Baby Show. It’s a basically a sprawling showcase of future kids stuff. And, much like the competing ABC Kids Expo in the fall, the goal is simple: Show off thousands of new products from around the world aimed at making parenting easier. Things like car seats with built-in strollers, sound machine audio monitors, and vibrating sleep devices that put kids to bed for you. Not to mention all the basics like bottles, breast pumps, and those tiny little toothbrushes.

And while the sheer number of gadgets and gizmos can be overwhelming, JPMA is a great chance to score a sneak peak at all the new baby swag likely to grace store shelves this holiday season. After two days spent walking the showroom floor, we found eight pieces of gear that deserve a spot on your radar.

Kioma Car Seat


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