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Benefits for children

Protecting your child is one of the many ways to say 'I love you'!

Using a child car seat is a simple and everyday loving gesture that must become as automatic as fastening his shoe laces.

Just a few simple precautions and a few rules when choosing and installing the child car seat correctly, to turn short and long trips in the car into dreamlike excursions!


The child car seat is designed to hold and protect a child and ensure best possible retention in the event of an accident. 

Everything in a child car seat is designed to make it the most suitable device to transport babies when travelling by car; the enveloping structure is proportionate to the size of the child, the safety harness is built-in for the smaller babies, and the specific protection systems are designed to ensure highest levels of safety in cases of side impact. Using the child car seat allows you to drive confidently and without worries, because your child is retained in a safe embrace.